First steps with Mendeley

  1. open the url :
  2. create an account on ("Sign up")
  3. download and install Mendeley ("Download") on your computer using the same login (for help, see this article on the support hub)
  4. start your Mendeley Desktop and import a pdf document (an article of your choice) ("File" > "Add Files...")
  5. check the metadata of this article (select the line, check all the details on the right, confirm "details are Correct")
  6. synchronize Mendeley Desktop with your "" ("Sync" button) and see the synchronization by going to the site ( with your login ("Library" tab) ... you display your first reference in
  7. then go back to your Mendeley Desktop and choose the Havard Reference Format 1 (Author-Date) style ("view" > "citation style" >)
  8. select your reference and with the right click, select "Copy As" > "Formated Citation". Then open your favorite word processor and paste the contents of the clipboard.

You have just created your first bibliographic reference with Mendeley!.


Test also the functions for :

For more help : Mendeley presentation and Mendeley Support Center


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