The question is: is there a link between an underdeveloped country's external debt and the evolution of consumer prices of this country?


  1. is it a real question? is it possible to write the question differently?

  2. what are the concepts in this question?

  3. search now for keywords for these concepts (with freethesaurus and STW Thesaurus for Economics)

  4. write a documentary question by using:

    1. bolean operators (AND, OR, NOT...)
    2. truncation ("*")
    3. exact expression (with quotation marks)
    4. brackets (like in mathematics)
  5. perform a search with:

    1. Google scholar: take care to replace AND by a space, OR by "|"
    2. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE): use the advanced search and consult the help (specificity for boolean operator's use)
    3. Dimensions
    4. WorlWideScience
    5. CORE
  6. Compare the results

  7. download at least one pdf file (for the exercice: "Mendeley installation")


(cc 2018 - B. Pochet)